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Directions to Jeffer's Lane Cemetery

Tuesday, 04 August 2015

Directions to the Cemetery:

1) Take the Chappaquiddick Ferry from Edgartown, and drive 2.5 miles on the Chappaquiddick Road. 

2) Turn left on Jeffers Lane.

3) Graveyard is ? mile down Jeffers Lane,

4) Park in the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank parking areas in front of the cemetery and enter through the South Gate.

Jeffer's Lane

Tuesday, 04 August 2015

Jeffers Lane Cemetery

This small graveyard is located on the island of Chappaquiddick.  Like many Vineyard cemeteries, it is referred to by a number of names including the 1) Indian Graveyard, (Edgartown Vital Records, GR4), 2) Old Indian Burial Grounds, Town Assessor Records – 1989, 3) Hilltop Cemetery, Joseph Elvin Plot Map – 1992 and 4) Town Graveyard     


History of the Cemetery


Walking Tour of the Cemetery

Individual Gravestones listed alphabetically

The documentation for this Cemetery Website was done for the Edgartown Cemetery Commission by Cemetery Commissioner Elizabeth Villard.  Any corrections or comments should be sent to her at evillardmv@gmail.com

Jeffer's Lane Cemetery Walking Tour

Tuesday, 04 August 2015

Walking Tour of the Jeffers Lane Cemetery

There is no up to date plot map of this Cemetery.  The following is a walking tour of the Cemetery.  It begins at the South entrance from the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank property.

The graveyard breaks down into four sections:                                                                                    

1) West Fence: Row of gravestone s along the West fence.with a few gravestones located towards the center of the Cemetery.  Gravestones are numbered from South to North, starting with 1 at southern most point of west fence. This area includes gravestones 1- 29.                            

2) North Fence: One row along North fence with one set of graves (Goepper) set back from fence. Numbers continued from end of North section and run north-west to north-east. (Downhill). This area includes gravestones 30- 42.                                   

3) East Section:  A scattering of graves including some areas with large stones and slate eroded gravestones which probably represent Native American burials.  Numbers continue from North-east corner to South-East corner, picking up scattered graves as logically as possible.  This area includes gravestones 43- 52.                                                                          

4) South Section:   This area contains the most graves and they are spread out in a wider area.  The numbers start at Moses Jeffers grave at South-East corner and climb uphill. The area includes graves 53-79

Jeffer's Lane History

Tuesday, 04 August 2015

History of The Jeffers Lane Cemetery

The Cemetery was originally part of the Chappaquiddick Indian Plantation.  When the United States government closed the reservation and divided the land among the Native American residents, it became the property of the Belaine family.

A plaque commemorating that history will be erected this summer in July at the annual Chappaquiddick Tribe meeting in the cemetery.